Young Investigator Award

2019, Annual meeting Regensburg
Jana Riegger (Ulm)
„The functional role of chondrogenic stem / progenitor cells: Novel evidence for immunomodulatory properties and regenerative potential after cartilage injury”


2018, Annual meeting Stuttgart
Björn Bluhm (Cologne)
„MiRNAs: posttranscriptional modulators of cellular and extracellular cartilage compartments”


2017, Annual meeting Cologne
Raphael Reuten (Cologne/Copenhagen)
„The secreted extracellular matrix protein netrin-4 modulates the physico-mechanic properties of basement membranes”


2016, Annual meeting Freiburg
Jessica Morgner (Cologne)
„Integrin-linked kinase regulates the niche of quiescent epidermal stem cells”


2015, Annual meeting MÜnster
Emanuel Rognoni (Martinsried)
„Kindlin-1 controls Wnt and TGF-β availability to regulate cutaneous stem cell proliferation”




Poster Award

2019, Annual meeting Regensburg
(in no particular order)

Elke Pach (Cologne)
“Deletion of fibroblast MMP-14 in the skin leads to reduced melanoma growth”

Heiko Rödig (Frankfurt)
“Biglycan switches between inflammation and autophagy by binding to either CD14 or CD44”

Dominique Muschter (Regensburg)
“Sensory nervous system impacts on cartilage and subchondral bone pathology in a murine OA model”

2018, Annual meeting Stuttgart
(in no particular order)

sponsored by DGMB:

Oliver Schneider (Stuttgart)
“Structural Characterization of Collagen VI von Willebrand factor type A domains and the functional consequences of mutations”

Herimela Solomon-Degefa (Cologne)
“Structural Characterization of Collagen VI von Willebrand factor type A domains and the functional consequences of mutations”

Melanie Föll (Freiburg)
“Identification of tissue damage, extracellular matrix remodeling and bacterial challenge as common mechanisms associated with high-risk cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma”

sponsored by Schweizer Gesellschaft für Matrixbiologie (SSMB):

Stefanie Heumüller (Cologne)
“C-terminal proteolytic processing of collagen VI α3 chain: Endotrophin is released in fragments of different size”

Louise Tzung-Harn Hsieh (Frankfurt/Main)
„A novel biological function of soluble biglycan: Induction of erythropoietin production and polycythemia”

sponsored by Renishaw:

Eva Brauchle (Stuttgart)
“Identification of glycosaminoglycans in extracellular matrix of human tumor tissues”

sponsored by Greiner Bio-One :

Mugdha Sawant (Cologne)
“Keratin 5 threonin 150 phosphorylation is linked to epidermolysis bullosa simplex and regulates filament assembly and cellular function”

sponsored by Universitätsklinikum Tübingen:

Kaori Sugiyama (Tsukuba, Japan/Tübingen)
“Label-free Raman imaging of elastic fibers in diseased and healthy mouse aortic tissues”

2017, Annual meeting Cologne
(in no particular order)

Maria Benito-Jardón
„The FN synergy site re-enforces cell adhesion and mediates a crosstalk between integrin classes”

Anna Otte (Kiel)
„In vivo inhibition of metalloprotease meprin beta in fibrotic disease”

Tatjana Holzer (Cologne)
„Mitochondrial dysfunction impairs juvenile growth plate integrity and induces growth plate closure”

2016, Annual meeting Freiburg
(in no particular order)

Helen Burow
„Role of netrins and their receptors in disseminated breast cancer cells in the human bone marrow”

Tobias Kühl (Freiburg)
„Mesenchymal Stromal Cell Therapy for Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa”

Yasemin Üstün (Cologne)
„Deletion of the epidermis derived laminin γ1 chain leads to defects in the regulation of late hair morphogenesis”

2015, Annual meeting MÜNSTER
(in no particular order)

Taslima Nahar
"Role of the LIM-domain protein zyxin in stretch-induced arterial remodeling"

Augusto Martins Lima (Münster)
"Density and interface immobilization of integrin ligands determine their function as agonist or antagonist"

Alexandra Zuk (Cologne)
"In vivo consequences of dominant negative effects on the fibrillin microfibrillar network"



Dick Heinegard European Young Investigator Award

2018, MBE MEETING, Manchester
Raphael Reuten (Copenhagen)
„Modulating the physico-mechanical properties of basement membranes through the extracellular-matrix protein netrin-4”




Rupert Timpl Award

2016, Matrix Biology Europe, Athens
Alexander Nyström (Freiburg)

“Delineation of disease modifiers allows for treatment of basement membrane-linked skin disorders"


2012, FECTS and ISMB Joint Meeting, Katowice
Thordur Oskarsson (Heidelberg)

“Breast cancer cells produce tenascin C as a metastatic niche component to colonize the lungs"


2010, FECTS Davos
Anika Lange (Martinsried)
“Integrin-linked kinase is an adaptor with essential functions during mouse development”



Honorary Award on the occasion of the 25th Anniversary of the German Society for Matrix Biology

Peter Bruckner (Münster)