The German Connective Tissue Society provides a forum for scientist to promotes the understanding of the extracellular matrix. The main focus of the society is to :

support research using molecular biology, biochemistry, cell biology, immunology methods in order to analyse the function of the extracellular matrix

facilitate the interaction between basic scientist and clinicians to analyse the relevance of the extracellular matrix for connective tissue diseases

promote the clinical research by interdisciplinary collaborations and joint research programs

offer a forum for scientific discussions and education especially by organizing an annual meeting for the members of the society

encourage young scientists to participate actively in the society and support their academic career development

maintain an active scientific exchange with the Federation of European Connective Tissue Societies “FECTS”, the international Society of Matrix Biology and other scientific organisations and organize joint meetings.




An annual membership rate of 20€/40€/60€ (according to your professional degree) will give you the possibility to join the general meeting and get a reduced participation fee for the annual conference. Please feel welcome to become a member of the society and follow this:

Becoming a member...