Helmholtz Zentrum München

Herbert Schiller (herbert.schiller@helmholz-muenchen.de)

homepage:  Comprehensive Pneumology Center


research: In the Schiller lab we aim at characterizing the extracellular niche of the distal airways and lung parenchyma and its function in regulation of epithelial homeostasis, regeneration upon injury, and metastatic colonization. Using systems biology tools, such as mass spectrometry driven proteomics and single cell expression analysis, in combination with mouse models of lung disease we wish to identify fundamental molecular principles of tissue/organ regeneration and homeostasis. 

Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry

Reinhard Fässler (faessler@biochem.mpg.de)

homepage:  research department Molecular Medicine


research: to investigate adhesion signalling by combining mouse genetics, cell biology, in vitro and in vivo imaging, biochemistry, proteomics and surface chemistry/material science.

Cartilage Research Unit at the Laboratory for Experimental Surgery and Regenerative Medicine

Attila Aszodi (Attila.Aszodi@med.uni-muenchen.de)

homepage:  lab for Experimental Surgery and Regenerative Medicine

research: to apply an interdisciplinary strategy that combines mouse genetics, cell biology, imaging techniques and the application of indentation-type atomic force microscopy in order to link molecular mechanisms of ECM/cellular adaptation induced by external stimuli to biomechanical and biochemical functions of skeletal tissues.