Institute for Biochemistry II

head: Mats Paulsson (

 Institute for Biochemistry II




Bent Brachvogel (bent.brachvogel(at)uni-koeln(dot)de)
  group Brachvogel

research: to determine mesenchymal cell-extracellular matrix interaction and define their impact on the differentiation of chondrogenic and vascularcells



Ursula Hartman (
homepage:  group Hartman

research: to characterize the relevance of the EC domain family for interaction between cells and their environment



Gerhard Sengle (
homepage:  group Sengle

researchto gain a detailed understanding of how a fibrillin microfibril scaffold coordinates growth factor activity and bioavailability in order to develop new therapies for Marfan Syndrome and related disorders and give rise to novel opportunities for tissue engineering.



Raimund Wagener (
homepage:  group Wagener

research: to analyse the function of matrilins for extracellular matrix assembly invitro and in the animal model (fish, mouse)



Institute for Oral and Musculoskeletal Biology and Center for Biochemistry II

Manuel Koch (
homepage:  group Koch

research: to study the role of matrix molecules on the nervous system and the function of novel collagens


Department for Dermatology

head: Thomas Krieg (

homepage: Dermatology and Venerology



Beate Eckes (
homepage:  science Eckes 

research: to define the relevant proteins mediating the cell-extracellular matrix interaction in the skin 



Cornelia Mauch, Paola Zigrino (
homepage:  science Mauch

research: to determine the relevance of matrix metalloproteases and ADAMs for skin homeostasis and skin diseases